My weight loss story

Before we begin sharing stories and stuff, you need to know about my journey.
I am a French native living the American dream since August 2000…wow that long?? I’m getting old!
Anyway, I came to Florida to live the dream and I am…it took a while to figure out what the dream was but once I knew…well I knew!
I worked in restaurants for 13 years climbing my way to Senior assistant manager at one point.
I always knew it was not the right dream but I also did not know what else I would be good at.

I smoked, I partied, I ate what I wanted and I worked, worked, worked and worked some more…
I decided for my 30th birthday that it would be a good idea to quit smoking ( my mom was happy) so I did and guess what happened???? I WENT FROM A SIZE 4 TO A SIZE 12. kind like blowing up a balloon in slow motion..about 6 months. I did not change anything in my life except saying good bye to my good friend.

Well, I started smoking again 2 years later during a trip to France (damn French people..) and guess what else????? Well I DID NOT GO BACK TO A SIZE 4!!
Why??? Life is not fair!
Anyway life went on until one day I looked at my underarm ready to fly fat wing.
I was mortified…I looked like my mom…Don’t give me wrong I love my mom but she is 30 years older than me!!!!!!!!
So that very day, i decided I had to change. Yep, change…what a difficult notion that is especially when you are a Taurus šŸ™‚

I remembered a coworker telling me that she had lost over 30 lbs doing zumba.

I had no idea what the hell that was but I looked online and found a class so I went.
My first instructor was fun and I really enjoyed the class until it the next morning where I could not get out of bed!!!!!!
But somehow I managed to survive the nest couple of days and I even went back.
I was hooked, I absolutely loved the music, the people, the energy and everything that zumba has to offer.
The rest is history…I have lost 50 lbs since the day I started and I am stronger and stronger everyday.
I changed my eating habits (YES YOU HAVE TO IN ORDER TO LOSE WEIGHT) and my lifestyle to focus on me, myself and I (and my wife when I had time).
I learned about nutrition, healthy foods, fitness and good living in general.
I was sooooo inspired by the whole process, my instructors and my zumba family ad friends that I became an instructor in February 2013 and I started studying for the ACE (American council on exercise) group fitness instructor test that I passed in December 2013.
I teach 15 zumba classes a week and I am working on new classes coming very soon!

You have heard it before but “if I can do it, so can you” so let’s do this.
zumba hugs


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