Before you eat…

Before you eat, ask yourself: Am I hungry?

Do you find yourself eating when you are for sure not hungry like, one hour after dinner while you are watching your favorite show?

Rest assure, you are not the only one…Here is some reasons why you eat and how to do damage control.

You are coping…

Emotional eating is a big one, we all snack on ice cream because we feel sad or lonely or even devour an entire pizza because the boss made you angry telling you suck!

You need to find out what the underlying issues are probably by seeing a shrink but keeping a food journal will help you figure out what emotion triggers what so you can foresee it happen and run to the gym or call a friend to take you out for a walk!


You are bored…

Sometimes you are just plain bored..not sure how that happens but anyway you might be bored and find yourself with your head in the refrigerator wondering where that bucket of wings went??? (ask your husband he was doing you a favor). According to not so friendly lab rats, it appears that lack of dopamine (hormone responsible for arousal hmmm, motivation, reward and more) in the state of boredom might be the cause and eating might just be what releases that hormone.

Make sure that your days off are packed with fun family activities, shopping, walks so you never have to deal with boredom!


Because your spouse and friends are stuffing their face next to you:

Just so can fit in or not stand out, you will be tempted to get a second serving just because everybody else is!

Be your own person damn it…If you are full, you are full don’t eat anymore, just enjoy the fun times and conversations and if you can’t resist, get up and walk around the restaurant for fresh air until it’s coffee time!



Food is right there so why not?

You have snickers bars lying on your desk at work? Your coworker has left over cake just waiting for you to grab it? Your kid’s oreo’s are right there when you open your cabinet?

When food is there, it makes is harder for you to say no and control yourself so first, don’t buy it so you won’t eat it, kids can go to the neighbors for oreo’s, second put it on the highest shelf if you already bought it because you won’t see it and won’t eat it and third turn your back to the table (like at work or at a party) or the desk so you won’t see what is there while you are praying for your other coworkers to eat it!


It’s a special occasion…Yeah you are getting older lol

It’s your birthday yeah…let’s have cake, your cousin just had a kid yeah…let’s get drunk, your first born got their driving license yeah…let’s make cupcakes!

At this rate, you will pack on the pounds before you even realize it so you could either skip the celebration altogether, not fun I know, bring some healthy snacks for you or to share or use your willpower and say no…never mind just imagine that you are eating that food and you will be satisfied and able to celebrate without compromising that bikini figure you are working so hard on!



You are tired

After a long morning at the office, you hit the 3 pm wall and are ready to fall asleep head first on your desk. Well, first I have to say that you should start eating healthier and an exercise regimen, it will give you plenty of energy so you can work all day without thinking that you need a nap, GUARANTEED! Anyway, back to the 3 pm crash, you need something so you can finish your day so go for that sugary energy drink or that giant supersized 350 grams of sugar candy bar…Well try to get up from your desk, go take a walk around the office or the block to get some sun and on your way back, get a cup of black coffee (yes no cream no sugar) or green tea before you get back to work!


It’s free….

Don’t get me started on that one, you know better! ask yourself…Am I hungry? Is it worth it? How much do I need?

You don’t need it, move on!

Happy hump day!






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