Not fit in at the gym or in your clothes??

Hi guys,

So you are done being unhealthy and fat.

You are finally ready to quit quitting your so called DIEt (hint see the first 3 letters…) on Tuesday and your walking 200 miles a day regimen that you started AGAIN last Monday!

First, let me tell something, being healthy should not be such a headache and eating better will come naturally after a little while (Read this post) but you have to put a bit of effort into it, just like all the efforts your put into eating all that fast food crap 🙂

But let’s not go there and just assume that you are ready to get that gym membership that you always wanted and you are ready to start exercising!

So few tips because trust me when you are going to walk in the gym, you’ll automatically want to turn around and go to Mc Donalds!

Outfit: Keep it simple, not too flashy, too baggy or too tight…You don’t want to look like tootsie roll or the Michelin guy…


                        Yes                                                                    No, no yet anyway


Well if you want to run, buy running shoes, if you want to do cardio classes or weight training don’t, simple as that!


Make sure you download music that makes you want to get up and move, no classical tunes for sure!

Ok now walk in…Yes you can! 


Yes sure why not but don’t spend hours on it, it won;t benefit you much more, 15 to 20 minutes should be plenty especially at the beginning and don’t worry about the burn zone (Omg what the hell is that, what’s burning??), the incline, the trail in the mountains with Jillian Michaels…Just hit start and walk!

Other machines:

Well I would recommend you ask a personal trainer which machine should work for you depending on what you want to accomplish, at this point, you just want to get healthy right? so I wouldn’t worry about it too much! but know that the trainers are on the floor to healp you and explain to you how to work those things.

Group exercise classes, my favorite.

So you are staring a 50 absolutely insane fit ladies screaming woot woot at the top of your lungs to some spanish apparently well know song and you are thinking..What the hell?? Que pasa? How? Why? What?

Then you look at the schedule or menu as some want to call it…and you see:


Burn tons of fat with this military inspired workout…You: I don’t have tons of fat?? Is that military training? No way Jose!

Kickboxing or worse Cardio Kickboxing:

A combination of cardio, boxing and martial arts…You: Is somebody gonna hit me? What is art about Martial?


A revolutionary cardio-based total-body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX Interval Training…You: Conditioning? Interval what? I just want to lose 10 pounds!


High Intensity Interval Training…You: I am out of here!


A Latin inspired total body workout…You: Dancing? With the stars? I didn’t even dance at my wedding and I have two left feet!

My point…Do not be afraid as all of this will make sens eventually!

Try to find something that is not too crazy at first and where you can relate to the people in there (age, body shape) , the instructor (smiling, fit) and the music (60’s, techno, latino).


Ask the people in the class how it’s done, they will say, Oh I don’t really know I just come here to sweat and have fun! Just follow the instructor!

Tell the instructor (yes the crazy one screaming are you ready? on the stage) that it is your first time and they will give you a few tips.

Stay in the back? No you want to be upfront so you can see what is going on and not hurt yourself!


Weight room:

Get accustomed to your new environment and make sure to ask the how, when, what to a trainer so you don’t get hurt newbie!



Yes! That is only if you dare wear a bathing suit…Never mind, I don’t even wear one at the gym yet!



The gym is a very scary place full of fit people that used to be fat and fat people trying to get fit so don’t worry about Ken and Barbie with a 6 pack squatting 250 lbs, they don’t worry about you and the fact that you are new but I can assure you that they will help you in any way they can because they probably have been in your shoes!



Quitting the gym because you don’t FIT IN is another excuse like I don’t have time or it’s too hard.

Would you rather not fit in the gym or in your clothes…YOU TELL ME!

Ciao for now! Go workout and eat a salad!






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