DO not give up because you are sore…

Hi guys,


Muscle soreness is caused by tissue injury from excessive mechanical force exerted on muscle and connective tissue.

It generally appears 24 to 48 hours after strenuous exercise and it caused by a series of physiological events:

  • Structural damage to muscle and connective tissue occurs as a results of muscle actions
  • calcium leaks out in the muscle fibers
  • calcium build up activate enzymes that break down cellular proteins
  • this breakdown of muscle proteins causes inflammation
  • accumulation of calcium and different chemicals stimulates nerve endings (pain receptors) which results in sensation of muscle soreness


Starting an exercise regimen will most likely results in muscle soreness and stiffness especially if you have a history of being sedentary.

The pain can be quite intense and debilitating for a few days but as the muscles repair themselves and grow, you will feel better and less sore the next time you exercise.

Few tips for feeling less pain:

  • Do not exercise too hard or too much
  • Make sure you ease into a program and you give your body time to build strength and endurance
  • Understand the difference between soreness and injury
  • Give yourself some time, the more you practice, the easier it gets and the less it hurts
  • Start at beginner’s levels and work yourself up to harder workouts


Exercise should not hurt beyond stiffness and soreness, it it does you are doing it wrong.

You should push yourself out of your comfort zone (breath harder, sweat, feel a little uncomfortable) and if you are lifting weights, you should feel your muscles working but if you are sore every day and can barely move, you are pushing too hard!

Give your body some time to adjust to this new routine by giving it time to grow, heal and excel.



Do not give up exercise because it hurts but instead ease yourself to it enough that it will feel actually feel good!

You will struggle and there will be days where it hurts because you thought you were ready to lift 50 lbs but keep going, your health is the most important thing that you have and you have to nurture it!


Ciao for now






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