Can your friends make you fat?

Hi guys,

I am sure you all now that obesity has been classified as a disease now but one can wonder, if it is a disease, can I catch it??

Do your friends or relatives or people that you work with make you fat? Do you put yourself in a “toxic” social  environment and that makes you fat?

Social interactions, friends and family influence your choices of diet and physical activity and some study shows that people are more likely to be obese if :

  • 37% because their spouse in obese 
  • 40% because a sibling is obese
  • 57% because friends are obese

You are less likely to make healthy choices if you are surrounded by people who do not.

You might feel the social pressure of not wanting to order a salad while all of your obese friends are ordering pizza and wings.

You might also eat 2 donuts at the office because you want your boss to like you!

Bottom line: Your social status may play a role in your obesity, your family might play a role in your obesity, gosh your work might make you fat but let’s be realistic here, YOU CAN CHANGE! 

Do not blame other people for what you eat, you are in charge of YOU!

Change the way your interact socially, change the way you relate to food, drop those fat friends that if they let you eat 2 entire pizzas are not your friends anyway!


You need help, just ask and I will provide you with very useful tips to break that obesity vicious cycle!


Ciao for now!




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