How we make food decisions

Hi guys,


How do you decide what to eat?

You know what you should eat but how do you make the final decision and is it always the right decision?

Our environment is totally against us as our society encourages poor food decisions by putting drive through serving high calories and large portions food like items, at every corner.

Our personal home environment also encourages poor food decision:

Bottom line on this: The decision is ultimately yours when it comes to food decisions but the odds are stacked against you.

Be mindful of your environment and take proper actions…change your drive to work to avoid all food chains drive through, keep all candies and sugary smacks hidden because if you don’t see them, you won’t eat them, downsize your portions (do not fill up the plate) and your glasses (unless you are drinking water), stay away from coworkers and friends that eat unhealthy stuff, bring your food prepared by you from home to work so you won’t have to worry about eating out!


Our food decisions are also made out of habits. About 40% of our daily actions are habits (Neal, Wood & Quinn 2006)…habits are time savers default behaviors that can summed up on three steps:

  • Cue is an alert sent to your brain to go into autopilot and can be time…noon=lunch, locations or emotions related.
  • Routine is the action taken to satisfy the urge
  • Reward like biting into that heavenly chocolate donut  is the worst as it tells your brain to remember and repeat the behavior in order to get that heavenly reward!

So how do you change your habits and how do you change them from bad habits to good habits?

Well the first step is being aware!

Be aware of the bad habits and what triggers it an emotion? a location? a time?

Once you have figured it out, it seems to be easier to change the habit from a bad on to a good than trying to eliminate the habit.

For example, if you get up in the morning and you drink a sugary drink, it is probably a time related habit which might be hard to suppress…instead go for a healthier drink maybe a sugar free one and slowly work your way onto a healthy habit of drinking water when you get up!


If you eat when you are bored, it is related to an emotion. When you feel the emotion coming, go for a walk instead of reaching in the pantry for chocolate. Go around the block a few times and by the time you come back, you would have tricked your brain out of boredom!


Hope you enjoyed those few tips on habits!

Stay tuned for more life savings tips!

Ciao for now!



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