Your weight does not define you!

Hi guys,


I weighted in today and I gained 8 pounds in about 16 weeks.


I exercise a lot (work and leisure) , eat right, sleep well and look better than ever!



So what happened??


Well I started training with weights…My body was becoming too used to cardio only and I was very flabby!

I started with 5 lbs weight and I now used 10 to 12 lbs depending on how I feel ( I also use 5 again sometimes) and my body is looking better than ever.

I am toned, lost my saddle bags and I am so much stronger…I can do so many bodyweight exercises that I could not do before!





Your weight does not define you, it is just a guidance and great source of accountability. It will keep you on track and focused on your goals but there is a point in one’s fitness journey where you weight takes the back seat.

If you are doing only cardio and losing a lot of weight, you will be happy with your scale but at some point in life you will need to add weight training into your fitness lifestyle (if you don’t want to stay flabby) and this might throw your weight off a little.

As you train harder and harder with weights, you will tone you muscles and define your body but chances are you will gain weight.

The key is to focus on body image and not body numbers. 


It is never easy to see the scale go back up after you work so hard to lose weight, I get it, I have been through duh like just now but for your health, you need cardio and weight training so get pumping.


Ciao for now


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