Move more, eat less!

Hi guys,


I just came across this wonderful but yet scary article on the American journal of Medicine

Read full article here 

It appears that the we are packing on pounds because of an dramatic increase in inactivity in our lives.

This is not a shock as we all are so connected yet so alone in this life!

We all do it, spend hours on social media sites researching the newest fitness moves and the latest super effective “lose 50 lbs in 2 days” diet while eating a big bowl of ice cream rested nicely on our over sized stomach.

We are all guilty and on top of this, we all complain about not having time to cook healthy or exercise.

Look at the diagram below and be scared my friends, be really scared because obesity and inactivity will kill us sooner than later.

gr1_lrg.jpg (2333×1695)

Find your category and look closely, closely enough to get a sick feeling in your stomach!

Share with your friends, family, clients, boss, anybody you can think of that needs an eye opener!


gr2_lrg.jpg (1452×4333)

Get moving people, anybody can start today at any age and any fitness levels.

Eat less, move more!

Disconnect yourself from this fake online world and pay attention to your loved ones, if you are overweight you owe it to them to save yourself so they don’t have to BURY YOU!


AHA Physical Activity Recommendations Infographic Image

Ciao for now!





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