How to lose body fat and stubborn pounds

Hi guys

As you already know, we are running a 4 week 4 goals event on facebook where people post a goals for their week and crush it! Join us here!


So my week 2 goals was to lower my body fat so I could show off my 6 somewhat 6 pack look alike!

I set up a ABDO INFERNO circuit that I have been doing every day ( details here) and I also chose to stagger my calorie intake in order to reduce body fat.

Staggering your calories intake is about having low calorie intake days followed by higher calories one while strategically eating lots of protein (helps with muscle repair and growth) and less carbohydrates (less not NONE) and lowering natural sugar intake.

My breakfast have been the same for 3 days ( see details here ) with fat burning foods like grapefruit, egg whites and blueberries and oatmeal for my carb intake (carbs are the primary source of fuel for your body so NEVER EVER CUT OUT ALL CARBS).

My lunches have been tilapia, quinoa and green beans (quinoa is a healthy source of fiber and carbs) and my dinners have been mixed green salads with grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs and olive oil.

My total calories intake for those day have been around 1200 which is LOW for me (I usually eat around 3000 on a regular basis) regarding the fact that I teach 2 to 3 fitness classes per day.

But the point of this is to eat 3 days of super low calories followed by 2 days or much higher calories (at least 1000 more than on low calories day) is to lower body fat when you are trying to lose the last stubborn 5 pounds and it is not a lifestyle…LET’S BE CLEAR ON THAT!

But staggering your calories will get your body into “starvation mode” meaning it will tend to hold onto fat so when you start higher calories, your metabolism will kick in high gear and burn more of that adipose tissue and fat.

The extra calories ingested during the 2 days will not be stored as fat as long as they are limited to a certain period and followed by lower calories days…Those high calories days are not an open invitation to pig out!


That being said, this method is not for everybody and is tough especially when you are starving all day lol but it is so worth it!

I have lost 2.5 pounds and I am only on day 4, meaning my first HIGH CALORIE DAY YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Here is my breakfast this morning:


Orange juice 80 calories, turkey sausages 250 calories, blueberries 40 calories, egg whites 140 calories, cream of rice 160 calories, one orange 65 calories Total : 735 calories 

I am a happy full camper this morning!

And one more thing, here is a before and after to show you that it works and that hard work, dedication and motivation will get you anywhere you want to be:


Ciao for now!



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