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Hi guys,


Haters will hate but oh well…

I am so sick and tired of people getting on and off of stupid miracle driven diets and always complaining that they are still fat after they cheated on their so called miracle diet 3 times during the first day!

I am tired of people complaining about being fat and STILL eating crap…come on people, the internet if full of educational tools about the importance of healthy eating and more!

I am tired of people saying, oh no i can’t eat healthy…WHY CAN’T YOU?

I am tired of people saying, oh no I can’t exercise, it will kill me…NEWSFLASH, NOT EXERCISING WILL KILL YOU NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

I have been there and i know what it is too feel ugly, fat, to not fit, unworthy and more, trust me on this I know!

Here is what I looked like 4 years ago

fat 1before 2

170 + pounds 5.3″ 35 years old sedentary smoker with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

But let me tell you that I never went on these stupid miracle diets because i somehow knew there had to be a better way to get healthy.

Maybe the fact that I am from Europe helps in comprehending the fact that cheese in a bottle is NOT REAL CHEESE and that food does not grow on supermarkets.

Anyway, losing weight is just like quitting smoking!

You know that being fat is bad for you the same way that you know that smoking is bad for you.

But somehow, you always have an excuse NOT TO STOP either eating CRAP FOOD or smoking.


Because you are addicted to FOOD AND CIGARETTES because of the way that these things are manufactured!


So when I hear somebody tell me that they can cheat on their “SO CALLED DIET” once a week and have a giant hamburger and fries and go back to broccoli and grilled fish the next day, i don’t believe it!

It’s like when you quit smoking…if you allow yourself one cigarette here and there, YOU DID NOT QUIT AND YOU WILL SMOKE ON A REGULAR BASIS AGAIN sooner or later!

It is your mind that overpowers your whole being and the only thing in this world that you want is a cigarette/a bucket of french fries.

So that being said, you will not lose weight for good unless you start a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and start replacing all the crap that you eat with actual FOOD..I know shocking!

So here are some facts for you if you are ready to lose weight and get healthy…and start living your life:

fat scan

  • You did not put all the weight on at once so it will not come off at once
  • You need to start exercising NOW
  • You need to let go of all your excuses NOW
  • Your weight will kill you
  • Your kids will be orphans
  • Your spouse will be widowed or dead with you
  • It will not be easy but you can do it
  • You need to fix your brain
  • Keep your emotions in check and understood
  • Tell people what you think, be honest mostly with yourself
  • Cheat meals will come but not until you are where you want to be
  • Cake, hamburger, shakes, fries, fried stuff is not good for you sorry DON’T EAT IT
  • It is going to be so F***** HARD but so F***** worth it when 
  • It does become easier as you get stronger

This post is not educational in any way, it is not directed at anybody, it is just a shout out to all of you out there…BEING FAT IS NOT HEALTHY, YOU ARE NOT LIVING YOU ARE EXISTING AND PEOPLE ARE NOT DOING YOU A FAVOR BY NOT TELLING YOU THAT YOU ARE FAT.

Get real, eating real food is not that hard or expensive, it is just an excuse!

Here is what I look like now by the way hopefully I can inspire you to lose weight and get healthy…If you need help let me know by commenting on this post!



Ciao for now!



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