10 ways to make time for your workout!

Hi guys,


We all know that “I don’t have time” is the first thing we say when it comes to working out!

All we also know that this is the biggest lie ever!

Working out 1 hour per day leaves you with 23 more hours to do stuff…factor in 8 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep that still leave you with 7 hours to spend with your family and friends!

That being said here are some tips on how to find time to work out and how to get rid of that perfectly made up excuse!

1/ Wake up earlier and go workout before your mind figures out what your evil plan is

2/ Make a plan read this and stick to it, write it down and share it with your family so they know when it is YOUR TIME!

3/ Work out at work…get your butt of the chair and walk. run, squat, lunge..anything that you can thing of but STAND UP!

4/ Take a lunch break (away from your desk) and eat healthy foods than go for a walk with your coworkers

5/ Workout with your kids…find a gym with daycare or workout with them! Disconnect with social media and reconnect with real life!

6/ Workout during commercials while watching tv…jumping jacks, high knees, burpees, push-ups…with at least 15 minutes of commercials per show, you can can 30 minutes of exercise while watching your favorite shows!

7/ Workout harder in a shorter amount of time! Start doing High intensity workouts and feel the difference!

8/ Delegate like crazy! You know your spouse can cook and your teenagers can fold laundry and clean their room 🙂

9/ Find a reliable partner that will keep you motivated and accountable when you want to skip it!

10/ Only do what makes you happy…Choose something that appeals to you and that you will want to do!


Ciao for now!





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