Interval training full body workout

Hi guys,

For this workout, all you need is:

  • your timer set tabata style 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest for a total of 5 sets
  • your mat
  • water

Perform a short 2 minutes warm-up consisting of squats, jumping jacks, lunges, run in place.

Repeat each exercise 2 times in a row performing as many reps as possible while working as hard as you possible can, IT IS ONLY 20 SECONDS.

SET 1:

  1. 2 jumping jacks 4 high knees
  2. shuffle around your mat and jump over, shuffle to other side turn and jump over
  3. 1 star burpee (a burpee with your legs far apart) 1 push-up
  4. squat 1/4 turn to squat 1/2 turn on the second round

SET 2:

  1. 4 shuffle to the side 1 squat repeat to other side
  2. high plank all the way around your mat
  3. 2 mountain climbers 2 plank jacks (jumping jacks on the ground)
  4. squat in and out, touch ground on second round

SET 3:

  1. 2 split lunges 2 warrior crunches
  2. 4 high knees, 1 jump over mat
  3. tuck jump to fast run back and forth
  4. 4 butt kicks 4 high knees

SET 4:

  1. 4 football shuffle, drop down to plank
  2. 4 jump rope, 4 jump rope on 1 leg, 4 on other leg
  3. 4 low shuffle to the side and touch ground, shuffle other side
  4. 1 burpee to side burpee, repeat to other side

SET 5:

  1. high plank to elbow plank (up and down)
  2. plank to side plank 2 knee crunches
  3. side plank with hip dip, other side
  4. side plank 2 elbow crunches

Cool down and stretch for 2 – 3 minutes

Repeat 2-3 times a week not on consecutive days.

High intensity intervals are great for fat loss, weight loss, stamina, strength and so much more.

Give your absolute all during the work time and allow yourself to rest for the 10 seconds.

Ciao for now


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