10 minute belly fat incinerator workout!

Hi guys,

You want a strong core because it is good for your posture, balance and stability right???

Liar you just want a 6 pack to show off on the beach don’t you??

Do these 7 moves two times for 5 days and get that strong core you want!

These moves are not easy and you will have to work your way up to them especially if you are new at this stuff but be patient and keep working hard, harder and harder every day!

Pic 1: plank with 1/2 jack 10 reps on each side

Start in a plank position on your elbow. Bring right arm forward in front of you as you take your left leg out to the side. Bring arm back by your side and leg back to middle without putting in down.

Beginner: start with an elbow plank, holding as long as you can then slowly work your way to the arm to the front by itself then the leg by itself until you can finally put it all together (it won’t happen in one day but it will happen, keep working hard)

Pic 2 and 3 : Full body flys 14 reps

Start lying on your back with your arms out like a cross and your legs straight out. Bring your legs up keeping them as straight as possible as your are bringing your and up in front of you towards the ceiling. Bring them back down at the same time as your legs without letting them touch ground, that is 1 rep.

Pic 4: Airplane abs 12 reps

Start in a sitting position with your back flat and bring your feet off the ground while engaging your abs. Bring your arms out to your side and while keeping a straight back rotate your arms side to side as the wings of an airplane.

Pic 5: Side plank with out and in crunches 8 reps each side

Start yourself on an elbow plank. Bring the top knee up and crunch with your elbow and bring the knee back down. Restart the move but bring the knee close to the front of the body and elbow crunch…that is one rep!

Pic 6: Flutter kick crunches 20 reps

Start by crunching yourself up while bringing your straight legs slightly off the ground. Perform 2 flutter kicks (legs up and down) and one crunch…that is one rep!

This one takes time to get used to start by crunches then flutter kicks before you can perform them together.

Pic 7: Knee tuck crunches 20 reps

Start in a V position with abs fully engaged, feet off the ground and elbows on the ground behind you. Bring you knees in towards your chest the push your legs out to the front, that’s one rep.

Pic 8 and 9: Criss cross jack knife crunches 8 reps

Start by extending your whole body on your mat with your arms straight out behind your head. Perform a pick crunch by bringing arms and straight legs up in the air. Bring your legs back down without putting them back on the ground and bend your knees. Perform 1 set of bicycle crunches (right elbow to left knee then left elbow to right knee) then restart.

You may perform those separately at first so you could get used to the movements before bringing it together.

Happy 6 pack!

Ciao for now


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