For you moms out there!

Hi guys,

Your life is hectic right??

Getting the kids up and ready for school while you are getting ready to, going to work all day, pick up the kids from school, drive them to their activities, come home, get dinner ready, get them ready for bed and back at it the next day.

You do all that because you love your family and your kids are everything to you and that is awesome.

But if they are your whole lie, why are poisoning them?

If you feed them pre packaged lunchables you are killing them slowly but surely!

Look at the ingredients from this lunch combination:


Very very long list of ingredient!

If you read the writing in blue at the top “Made with Kraft American Cheese” and in small writing underneath that, it says “pasteurized prepared cheese product.”  It’s not even cheese, but cheese product!


The cookie has 22 ingredients!!!!!!

Some nasty ones are: high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor, processed sugar, canola and/or soybean oil, and soy lecithin.

The turkey has some nasty ingredients in it as well.

First carrageenan, which may be linked to cancer.

Next sodium nitrate which can raise your risk for heart disease.

Further smoke flavor and natural and artificial flavor.

Moving on to the so called cheese, which is not actually cheese, but cheese product. 14 ingredients and more sodium nitrate just in case your kids didn’t get enough with the turkey!

The crackers contain trans fats in the form of partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, soybean oil, sugar and more natural flavor!

One more thing, lunchables are made by Kraft who spent a lot of money to make sure GMO labeling did not pass.  Probably because they really don’t want you to know the junk they put in their food!

Moral of the story, make your own.

It might take you 10 extra minute in the morning or at night but your kids will definitely live a lot longer!

Here is a great post on how to make healthy lunchables for your family!

Ciao for now!


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