How to keep your salad healthy!

Hi guys,

You are doing awesome on your healthy lifestyle changes and you are feeling so much better just by eating healthier!

Salad has now become your best friend and if you are like me, you have to eat it at least once a day (I prefer mine at night, keeps my calories low before bed)!

Amazing job, but we have to talk about something…The dressing!

If you are watching what you eat and are controlling your calorie intake, you cannot afford to throw all of your efforts out of the window by eating commercial salad dressing!

Let’s start by figuring out an average calorie count for a healthy, appetizing, colorful salad…Mine:) it looks about the same every day!

Photo: Exercising doesn't give you a free pass! Eat light especially at night 󾌸

1 cup of spinach 7 calories

1 cup of organic romaine 5 calories

1/2 organic tomato 15 calories

1 organic carrot 25 calories

1/2 avocado 145 calories

10 olives 50 calories

1/2 cup of previously grilled skinless chicken 125 calories

Total so far : 372 calories

Now that is a great amount of calories for a very satisfying giant dinner salad!

But wait we need some dressing…and this is where all hell breaks loose!

Here are some calorie count of popular commercial dressing:

All amounts are for 2 tablespoons which is plenty for this salad:

  • blue cheese 150                       total salad: 522
  • ranch 135                                                    507
  • thousand island 120                                    492
  • honey mustard 150                                      522
  • italian dressing 95                                        467

So let’s be real there for a second…You are probably going to use more than 2 tablespoons slowing adding more and more calories to your healthy dinner.

And be aware that in this post, we are only talking about calories, not fat or sugar or all the crap that they put in commercial dressings!

So what to do?????

Well either you use only olive oil 180 HEALTHY calories per tbsp and vinegar 20 calories adding 200 healthy calories


Or you can make you own vinaigrette dressing with fresh ingredients without added sugars, corn syrup, added fats and so much more crap…

French vinaigrette salad dressing

Happy healthy eating!

Ciao for now!
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