Alleviating foot pain!

Hi guys,

Are you suffering from foot pain? Have you been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis?

Are you wearing all bunch of foot apparel but still can’t get your feet on the ground without screaming in pain??

There is a way to feel better.

In our society we spend a lot of time sitting around…at work for 8-12 hours, at home for 2-4 hours watching TV and on the computer 2-3 hours.

Our bodies are weakening and changing in order to adapt.

When you sit around a lot, your muscles become weak and do not work properly. They have to adapt, change and our bodies are collapsing over our lower extremities just by the pull of gravity.

Your head moves forward just because it is heavy to hold straight for so many hours therefore your shoulders compensate and round themselves therefore arching your back out therefore your weight is not distributed evenly all the way down to your knees that will move inward and your feet moving in as well (very simplified explanation but you get the point).

That being said, a lot of us end up with feet problems because of the way our whole body distribute its weight unevenly.

As fitness professionals, we see the whole body and do not concentrate on solely “treating” the foot pain as a regular doctor would do (with shots or inserts most likely ouch and $$$) but we work to restore your body weight distribution through different options, see below:





There are a lot of exercises and stretches out there that you can do to help yourself.

Always remember to massage, stretch and strengthen.

Try to walk around at least every hour for 5 minutes while at working, reduce your stress level, focus on walking from the outside in ( I know it sounds weird but try..), do not wear high heels but choose flats and wide for better weight distribution on the entire foot and focus on straight posture while you stand and walk.

I hope these tips help you alleviate the pain and please take time to reeducate your body, it will not get better overnight but overtime for sure!

Ciao for now

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