Countdown to the new you day 1!

Hi guys,

2015 is less than a month away now!

Don’t wait until then to make better decisions, lifestyle changes and all that good stuff, START NOW!

Don’t go on a diet because it’s the new year, change your lifestyle forever so you never have to go on a diet anymore!

Here is today’s one hour workout that you can do at home!

You will need a mat, a set of dumbbells (challenging weight) and a tabata timer.

Start by a 5 minute warm up including jumping jacks,running in place, squats, lunges, arm circles…

Part 1: High intensity intervals, give it all you got!

HIIT it hard!

Set your timer for 4 sets of 4 minute workouts: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, NO REST in between sets.

SET 1:

Repeat 4 times

Mountain climbers

photo 3


photo 1

SET 2:

Repeat 4 times

High plank with punches

In and out squats with a jump

SET 3:

Repeat 4 times

High knees

Jumping jacks

SET 4:

Repeat 4 times

Jump lunges

Plank jacks

photo 4


Pick up the dumbbells and do each exercises 10-12 times.

Repeat this set twice for beginners, 3 times for advanced and 4 times for badass rock stars.

– Standing shoulder press

– Lateral raises

– Front raises

– Reverse flys

Rest 2 minutes

Keep your dumbbells and repeat this set 3 times

– Renegade rows 5 each arm

– Floor press with hip raise 10-12 reps

– Donkey kicks with dumbbell 15 reps each leg

– Crossover crunches 30 reps

Happy first day of December!

See you tomorrow!

Ciao for now!

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