Be thankful for your group fitness instructor!

Hi guys,

As you all know I am a fitness fanatic, food nazi, retired restaurant manager, French expat but most of all, I am a group fitness instructor and I love every minute of it!

I want to say a big thank you to all of you group fitness instructors out there that inspire me, move me, make me better and encourage me every day!

I enjoy your videos, photos, quotes and more and I know how hard you work!

We all love what we do, we love to inflict pain on other people lol

But most seriously here is the life of a group fitness instructor in a few words:

  • We spend 5 to 20 hours per week smashing ourselves on stage for your enjoyment

  • We spend countless hours practicing and rehearsing

  • We spend tons of hours organizing schedules, buying new music because you want new songs every month, don’t you?

  • We drive around all day from class to class and sometimes we can’t remember where we are supposed to be…

  • We drive around the country for workshops and events to stay on top of things

  • We are always learning new moves and skills to make you better

  • We are constantly networking to find new classes and meet new awesome peeps!

  • We spend a lot of brain cells trying to remember everybody’s names so please don’t be offended when we call you “hey you”

  • We push you like you’ve never been pushed, right?

  • We share our love for fitness and well being day and night, we dream about this stuff for real!

  • We listen

  • We know all about your family and your life struggles

  • We give advice, share recipes, workouts…

  • We spend extra time with you at the end of the class when all we feel like is going to bed after working out for hours that day

  • We are always smiling even when we don’t feel like it

  • We can’t hear anymore because the music is always so loud

  • We have no voice 90% of the time because mics are always broken

  • We share sweat cells and god know what else with each other when the mic works, ewwwww

  • We work when we are sick because we can’t afford not to

  • We don’t do it for the money, definitely not!

  • We inspire you to be a better you!

  • We are tired all the time

  • We have barely any time to cook or eat but when we do, watch out!

  • We do everything in our cars!

  • We come home late and exhausted every night

  • We shower 5 times a day

  • We work holidays, days before holidays, days after holidays…

  • We worry about you when you are not in class…

So please, do me a favor and next time you see you fitness instructor, just say “thank you” and give them a big hug,it will make their day!

Ciao for now!

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