H.I.I.T 30 minutes max calories burn

hi guys,
Here is a great high intensity interval training workout to burn a max amount of calories 

10 exercises repeated 3 times no rest in between 

Round 1: 40 seconds work 20 seconds rest

Round 2: 30 seconds work 15 seconds rest

Round 3: 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest 
Exercise 1: burpee to 4 mountain climbers 

Exercise 2: push-up to side plank

Exercise 3: skater hops 

Exercise 4: plank drag feet

Exercise 5: 4 high knees to 1 tuck jump

Exercise 6: 4 cross body mountain climbers 2 plank jacks 

Exercise 7: burpee

Exercise 8: jump overs 2 jump lunges

Exercise 9: plank reach

Exercise 10: alternating toe touches

Have fun!

Ciao for now

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Bench workout!

Hi guys,

Here are some exercises you can do at home or the office on a bench or sturdy chair!

Do as many reps as you can and when you think you can’t do anymore, keep going!

Have fun!

Start with a 3 to 5 minimum warm up including running in place, jumping jacks, squats…

1/ Up and down, switch lead leg after 10 reps

photo 6

2/ Up and down drive the knee up while pressing both arms up (use dumbbells if you want more), change lead leg after 10 reps

photo 7

3/ Up and down as fast as you can, be careful on that one…again as many and as fast as possible!

photo 23

4/ Reverse lunges, put all the weight on the front leg keeping the knee before the toes…change leg at 10!

photo 20

5/ Push-ups

photo 21

6/ Tricep dips…Yes!

photo 22

7/ Crunches with both feet elevated…Bring your arms directly in front of you…Do at least 20!

photo 24

8/ Crunches with feet under and punch to opposite side…again at least 20!

photo 3

9/ One foot under, one foot up opposite side crunches…Ouch!

photo 2

10/ Both feet elevated this time…Get ready for this one! At least 10…Yes you can!

photo 1

11/ Elbow plank, hold as long as you can!

photo 9

12/ Start on high plank position, bring one hand at the time on the bench, perform a push-up, bring yourself back to high plank one hand at the time and get down to elbow plank…At least 5 times. Keep your core extremely tight and keep hips rotation to a minimum.

photo 13photo 12photo 21photo 14photo 15

13/ Side hip dips on elbow plank, obliques on fire!

photo 10

14/ Hip dip on high plank…ouch! At least 5 please!

photo 11

Stretch and cool down!

Congrats, you did your first bench workout!

Ciao for now!

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Reduce belly fat!

Hi guys,

Who doesn’t want a nice looking flat belly?

v abs

If you are ready for that 6 pack, follow those tips to help reduce your belly to show off your abs.

  •  5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, no matter what! You will feel fuller, longer!266b3-healing-whole-foods-detox-cleanse
  • Reduce alcohol intake ( sorry…)
  • Lessen the salt
  • NO MORE FAST FOODS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Drink more water! 
  • Eat slower and smaller meals!
  • Eat 5 times a day (remember the smaller meals…)
  • Cardio 5 times a week at least 20 minutes

  • Sleep

  • Good posture

Ciao for now!

Get in shape for the holidays!

Hi guys,

The holidays are right around the corner so let’s get in shape so you can look your best!

Do this workout three times a week!


High Intensity you will need a yoga mat and a timer set at 4 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 sec off no rest.


Repeat each exercises twice and move on to the next one.


  • 3 low squats, drop to plank
  • Jump sideways over mat with both feet
  • Plie squats (feet out to 45 degrees to open up the thighs)
  • 2 jumping jacks/ 2 bent over jumping jacks


  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • high knees
  • run forward touch ground, turn around and run back touch ground


  • Inchworm with a push up
  • Push-ups (knees down are ok)
  • In and out jump squats touch ground with both hands
  • Alternating side lunges


  • High plank to lunge alternating legs
  • Reverse to forward lunges, second set other leg
  • 1/2 turn jump squats
  • Plank jacks


Burpees, plank jacks, cross body mountain climbers

Start at 2 of each than add two every round until you reach 10 of each than work your way backwards…



  • 10 plank up and down (elbows to hands, hands to elbows)
  • 40 Mountain climbers
  • 40 knees tucks
  • 40 tricep dips (2 times 20)
  • 18 split jump lunges
  • 10 Flutter kick with crunches
  • 10 V sits
  • 40 pulsating abs (lay flat then raise you shoulders engaging your abs and raise you feet…pulsate for 40 counts)
  • 10 single leg lifts with other leg off floor (keep you back straight on the mat)
  • 10 each side Side plank in and out crunches
  • 15 hip raises from side plank

photo 3 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Have fun!

Ciao for now