How to improve your balance

Hi guys,

Balance is an essential component of  human movement and movement and is necessary for all activities of daily living.

Balance training should be considered a absolute component of all exercise programming and should be trained early in the exercise program once core function has been established.

Training for Balance

By definition, “balance is the ability to maintain the body’s position over its base of support within stability limits, both statically and dynamically”.

It is important to know that the ability to balance can make the difference between leading an active lifestyle and being sedentary.

In order to truly understand what is meant by balance, we need to consider the  three mechanical principles that relate to alignment and the body: center of gravity, line of gravity and base of support.

Center of Gravity (COG)

Center of gravity (COG) is the point at which the mass of the body is considered to concentrate and where it is balanced on either side in all planes (frontal, sagittal and transverse).

On average, this point is at the level of the second sacral vertebrae, but changes depending on a person’s position in space and whether or not he or she is supporting external weight.

Line of Gravity (LOG)

Gravity acts on the body in a straight line through the COG toward the center of the earth. The line of gravity must fall within the base of support to maintain balance without moving.

Base of Support (BOS)

This is the area beneath the body that is encompassed when one continuous line connects all points of the body that are in contact of the ground.

How do we train balance?

Because the body’s center of mass(COM)  is located within the region of the core, controlling the COM within the BOS is critical to balance training.

Core conditioning and balance training may be viewed as the same, so we can follow the three-stage model for core and balance training.

Balance Stages

Here are some different conditions that cab be changed during stage 2 training and that will lead to safely transitioning to stage 3 training

  • Narrowing BOS (moving the feet closer together)
  • Raising COM (raising arms overhead)
  • Shifting LOG (raising arms unilaterally, leaning, rotating the trunk)
  • Sensory alteration (shifting focal point, looking up and down)
  • Sensory removal (closing eyes)
  • Reducing points of contact (move from two-feet balance to one foot)
  • Add unstable surfaces (BOSU balls, exercise balls)

Introduce each of these challenges separately and gradually increase the exercise difficulty. Always Introduce balance challenges on stable surfaces before moving on to an unstable surface.

Balance Stances

Balance is a key component of all programming and should be trained early in the exercise program once core function is established.

Increasing balance will not only enhance physical performance, but may also contribute to improved psychological and emotional states through the building of self-efficacy.

Stage 1 (core function) exercise examples:

Bird dog:

Front plank

Side plank

Glute bridge

Glute activation lunges

Inverted flyers

Here is a link to a great video that will show you different exercises with stance and difficulty variations for working in stage 2.

Stage 3 exercises examples:

Single leg balance with arm reach

Single leg balance with leg reaches

Forward lunge to balance

Lateral step up to balance

Lateral bound to balance

Make sure that when you are working on your balance skills, you work to challenge your core and glutes but also make sure that you are challenged but SAFE.

Balance is about preventing falls not causing them…

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Hardcore abs carver!

hi guys,
15 reps, repeat 3 times!

Great cardio too…

Countdown to the new you day 1!

Hi guys,

2015 is less than a month away now!

Don’t wait until then to make better decisions, lifestyle changes and all that good stuff, START NOW!

Don’t go on a diet because it’s the new year, change your lifestyle forever so you never have to go on a diet anymore!

Here is today’s one hour workout that you can do at home!

You will need a mat, a set of dumbbells (challenging weight) and a tabata timer.

Start by a 5 minute warm up including jumping jacks,running in place, squats, lunges, arm circles…

Part 1: High intensity intervals, give it all you got!

HIIT it hard!

Set your timer for 4 sets of 4 minute workouts: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, NO REST in between sets.

SET 1:

Repeat 4 times

Mountain climbers

photo 3


photo 1

SET 2:

Repeat 4 times

High plank with punches

In and out squats with a jump

SET 3:

Repeat 4 times

High knees

Jumping jacks

SET 4:

Repeat 4 times

Jump lunges

Plank jacks

photo 4


Pick up the dumbbells and do each exercises 10-12 times.

Repeat this set twice for beginners, 3 times for advanced and 4 times for badass rock stars.

– Standing shoulder press

– Lateral raises

– Front raises

– Reverse flys

Rest 2 minutes

Keep your dumbbells and repeat this set 3 times

– Renegade rows 5 each arm

– Floor press with hip raise 10-12 reps

– Donkey kicks with dumbbell 15 reps each leg

– Crossover crunches 30 reps

Happy first day of December!

See you tomorrow!

Ciao for now!

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Monday morning poolside workout!

Hi guys,

I’m sharing my poolside morning workout, hopefully it will warm you up!

v pool

Always start with a 5 minutes warm up including jogging, jumping jacks, squats and finish by a 2-3 minutes cool down and stretch!

photo 1

For this second part you need a chair or a bench to elevate your feet and your arms when needed.

Feel free to start the exercises at ground level and work yourself up to it.

All the planks can also be modified by eliminating the ball and working yourself up to it!

Also make sure to do the exercises on both sides of your body!

photo 2

Have fun a happy Monday!

Ciao for now

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Bench workout!

Hi guys,

Here are some exercises you can do at home or the office on a bench or sturdy chair!

Do as many reps as you can and when you think you can’t do anymore, keep going!

Have fun!

Start with a 3 to 5 minimum warm up including running in place, jumping jacks, squats…

1/ Up and down, switch lead leg after 10 reps

photo 6

2/ Up and down drive the knee up while pressing both arms up (use dumbbells if you want more), change lead leg after 10 reps

photo 7

3/ Up and down as fast as you can, be careful on that one…again as many and as fast as possible!

photo 23

4/ Reverse lunges, put all the weight on the front leg keeping the knee before the toes…change leg at 10!

photo 20

5/ Push-ups

photo 21

6/ Tricep dips…Yes!

photo 22

7/ Crunches with both feet elevated…Bring your arms directly in front of you…Do at least 20!

photo 24

8/ Crunches with feet under and punch to opposite side…again at least 20!

photo 3

9/ One foot under, one foot up opposite side crunches…Ouch!

photo 2

10/ Both feet elevated this time…Get ready for this one! At least 10…Yes you can!

photo 1

11/ Elbow plank, hold as long as you can!

photo 9

12/ Start on high plank position, bring one hand at the time on the bench, perform a push-up, bring yourself back to high plank one hand at the time and get down to elbow plank…At least 5 times. Keep your core extremely tight and keep hips rotation to a minimum.

photo 13photo 12photo 21photo 14photo 15

13/ Side hip dips on elbow plank, obliques on fire!

photo 10

14/ Hip dip on high plank…ouch! At least 5 please!

photo 11

Stretch and cool down!

Congrats, you did your first bench workout!

Ciao for now!

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Get in shape for the holidays!

Hi guys,

The holidays are right around the corner so let’s get in shape so you can look your best!

Do this workout three times a week!


High Intensity you will need a yoga mat and a timer set at 4 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 sec off no rest.


Repeat each exercises twice and move on to the next one.


  • 3 low squats, drop to plank
  • Jump sideways over mat with both feet
  • Plie squats (feet out to 45 degrees to open up the thighs)
  • 2 jumping jacks/ 2 bent over jumping jacks


  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • high knees
  • run forward touch ground, turn around and run back touch ground


  • Inchworm with a push up
  • Push-ups (knees down are ok)
  • In and out jump squats touch ground with both hands
  • Alternating side lunges


  • High plank to lunge alternating legs
  • Reverse to forward lunges, second set other leg
  • 1/2 turn jump squats
  • Plank jacks


Burpees, plank jacks, cross body mountain climbers

Start at 2 of each than add two every round until you reach 10 of each than work your way backwards…



  • 10 plank up and down (elbows to hands, hands to elbows)
  • 40 Mountain climbers
  • 40 knees tucks
  • 40 tricep dips (2 times 20)
  • 18 split jump lunges
  • 10 Flutter kick with crunches
  • 10 V sits
  • 40 pulsating abs (lay flat then raise you shoulders engaging your abs and raise you feet…pulsate for 40 counts)
  • 10 single leg lifts with other leg off floor (keep you back straight on the mat)
  • 10 each side Side plank in and out crunches
  • 15 hip raises from side plank

photo 3 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Have fun!

Ciao for now

Day 8 October challenge!

Hi guys,

Today is day 8 of our October challenge…how are you doing?

What do you do to make yourself accountable for working out and getting healthy?

After my challenge, I did my 2 abs routines, if you need a description of the exercises, comment and I will send them to you!

Here are some pics

See you tomorrow!

Ciao for now!