Hardcore abs carver!

hi guys,
15 reps, repeat 3 times!

Great cardio too…


Eat this to kill stomach fat!

Hi guys,

Blasting calories at the gym doing the right combination is imperative and so is a good nutrition plan in order to lose belly fat.

But did you know that adding these foods might help reduce belly fat?

Dark chocolate:

Make sure to choose dark chocolate that has 70% or more cocoa which means less sugar and fat.

The healthy fats on the dark chocolate will prevent blood sugar spikes helping you burn fat more efficiently.

Peanut butter:

Peanut butter contains mononsaturated fats that promotes a healthy cardiovascular system and will keep you full longer. Some studies also suggests that peanut butter is a metabolism booster that keep you burning calories throughout the day.


Eggs have been shown to have important vitamins and minerals that regulate your hormones and are rich in protein. Add some healthy veggies and healthy fats like avocados and stay full longer.

Wild salmon

Salmon has Omega-3 fatty acids that keep your hormones balanced, especially the weight regulating ones.

Omega-3 also contribute to blood sugar balance which keep belly fat away and may help break down the belly fat that you already have, that’s a WINNER.


According to studies by the University of Michigan, the chemicals (phenolic compounds) that give berries their beautiful colors also do a great job at eliminating belly fat..and they are delicious!


Avocados are rich in healthy fats that will keep you full longer, help regulate hormones and also fight inflammation (therefore higher cortisol levels) that ultimately prevent you from losing weight especially in the midsection.


Cinnamon has the ability to burn fat and to help reduce blood sugar levels. Start adding it to your healthy recipes without adding the calories.

Ciao for now, happy belly fat burning!

2015 IS YOUR YEAR!!!

Hi guys,

Bring on 2015 with a bang and this fat burning, calorie torching 20 minutes workout!

Remember how you said you were going to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle in 2015??

Well here are the first 20 minutes of the new you!

All you need is a timer, a towel and water!

2 rounds of 10 minutes with 1 minute rest in between rounds.

3 exercises per round, performed for 20 seconds (at high intensity without stopping) in a row for 5 TIMES with 1 minute rest in between.

Ready, set , GO…

First warm up 3-5 minutes by doing jumping jacks, running in place, high knees, shuffle side to side, squats..


High knees 20 sec

Jump lunges 20 sec

Burpees 20 sec

photo 1



Mountain climbers 20 sec

photo 3

Squat jumps 20 sec

Plank jacks 20 sec

photo 4


Cool down and stretch!

Happy workout and Happy 2015!

Ciao for now

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Reduce belly fat!

Hi guys,

Who doesn’t want a nice looking flat belly?

v abs

If you are ready for that 6 pack, follow those tips to help reduce your belly to show off your abs.

  •  5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, no matter what! You will feel fuller, longer!266b3-healing-whole-foods-detox-cleanse
  • Reduce alcohol intake ( sorry…)
  • Lessen the salt
  • NO MORE FAST FOODS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Drink more water! 
  • Eat slower and smaller meals!
  • Eat 5 times a day (remember the smaller meals…)
  • Cardio 5 times a week at least 20 minutes

  • Sleep

  • Good posture

Ciao for now!

Get in shape for the holidays!

Hi guys,

The holidays are right around the corner so let’s get in shape so you can look your best!

Do this workout three times a week!


High Intensity you will need a yoga mat and a timer set at 4 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 sec off no rest.


Repeat each exercises twice and move on to the next one.


  • 3 low squats, drop to plank
  • Jump sideways over mat with both feet
  • Plie squats (feet out to 45 degrees to open up the thighs)
  • 2 jumping jacks/ 2 bent over jumping jacks


  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • high knees
  • run forward touch ground, turn around and run back touch ground


  • Inchworm with a push up
  • Push-ups (knees down are ok)
  • In and out jump squats touch ground with both hands
  • Alternating side lunges


  • High plank to lunge alternating legs
  • Reverse to forward lunges, second set other leg
  • 1/2 turn jump squats
  • Plank jacks


Burpees, plank jacks, cross body mountain climbers

Start at 2 of each than add two every round until you reach 10 of each than work your way backwards…



  • 10 plank up and down (elbows to hands, hands to elbows)
  • 40 Mountain climbers
  • 40 knees tucks
  • 40 tricep dips (2 times 20)
  • 18 split jump lunges
  • 10 Flutter kick with crunches
  • 10 V sits
  • 40 pulsating abs (lay flat then raise you shoulders engaging your abs and raise you feet…pulsate for 40 counts)
  • 10 single leg lifts with other leg off floor (keep you back straight on the mat)
  • 10 each side Side plank in and out crunches
  • 15 hip raises from side plank

photo 3 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Have fun!

Ciao for now

Day 8 October challenge!

Hi guys,

Today is day 8 of our October challenge…how are you doing?

What do you do to make yourself accountable for working out and getting healthy?

After my challenge, I did my 2 abs routines, if you need a description of the exercises, comment and I will send them to you!

Here are some pics

See you tomorrow!

Ciao for now!

Love handles be gone!

Hi guys,

Love handles sound warm and delicious and feel like it at time but it is the hardest place to lose the weight for most people!

Love handles are deposits of excess body fat that sit around your abdominal area.

Most of us can pinch our belly fat from the front, back and sides. And it’s not just about fitting into that dress or your favourite pair of jeans — excessive fat can also hurt your health!

But physically losing those love handles won’t actually get rid of any fat if you are not eating the right foods.

Strengthening these areas with some exercises and burning fats starts with the food on your plate everyday!

Avoid sugars, salts and unhealthy fats, and add fresh fruits, vegetables, good fats (like raw seeds or avocado) and lean clean proteins to your diet instead.

Here are some great exercises to get rid of the love we all hate!

Bicycle Crunches 30 reps!
Laying flat on your back with your hands by your ears, elevate your legs to a 90-degree angle.

Next, bring your left knee towards your chest and twist your right elbow to meet it. Repeat this on the other side. Also, as you bring one leg in, stretch the other one straight out.

Russian Twist 50 reps
Begin in a seated position with bended knees and flat feet. Lean back slightly with a strong straight back and get into a comfortable position, contracting your ab muscles. Stretch your arms out in front of you and twist the torso from side to side. For more intensity, tap the floor to the right of your hip and then the left side.

Side Plank Hip Dips 20 each side
Another variation of the plank exercise, start in a side plank position with your elbows touching the ground. Drop your hips to touch the floor as you inhale and exhale while bringing them back up.

Side Plank hold 30 sec each side
Using one arm, either your forearm or your hand, line it up beneath your armpit and stack your feet on top of one another. Ideally, you want to create a “T” shape with your body.

Elevated Plank hold 2 minutes
In a low or high plank, use an elevated surface like a bench, step or ball, and hold this position

High Plank From The Hands 2 minutes
Get your body into a push-up position but hold it up. Place your hands directly beneath your armpits and keep your legs straight, flat belly strong back!

Low Plank From Elbows 2 minutes
Place your elbows and forearms on the floor beneath your armpits and lift your body off the floor with your legs straight.

Ciao for now!

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