fast and easy homemade turkey burgers 

hi guys,

Homemade is always better then anything processed and available at the store!

You are not the cooking type? You don’t have time?
No problem here is how it’s done!

1/ buy ground turkey (organic is always a better choice 40 oz makes about 10 burgers) fresh cilantro( smallest amount) 2 eggs and blue cheese crumbles (or feta if you do not like blue)

2/ dice up the cilantro and open the turkey

3/  separate the white from the eggs

4/ mix all the ingredients together with the egg whites

5/ make burgers with your hands the size you like 


6/ cook in a pan with coconut oil at medium heat for about 10 minutes or until thoroughly cooked 

7/ freeze the rest if needed

8/ enjoy! 

Ciao for now!

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Life without carbs week 1

Hi guys,

Like I said on a previous post, I have been experiencing a lot of digestive issues in the past years and I last week I decided to try something else.

As a group fitness instructor, I work out a lot for work of course but also for my personal well being and level of fitness.

Also as a good fitness professional (and not a nutritionist or dietitian let’s be clear on that) I have been a believer of eating a lot of carbs to fuel my days.

When I say carbs, I do not mean bread, cookies and stuff like that, I mean healthy and natural stuff like organic gluten free oatmeal, granola, lots of fresh fruits, larabars etc…

My theory was always carbs morning, lunch and snacks and protein for dinner (to repair my body) and it has been for years!

But the healthier I was eating, the sicker I got….so I went gluten free…best thing ever for 2 days then back to not well.

So I went to the doctor, all good…WHAT??? well I guess that is good lol but now on to the gastro doctor!

Bunch of super fun tests later, all is still good! gallbladder he thinks! more tests….

That is where I was out last week and then after one of my famous afternoon snacks consisting of an apple, a larabar and 1/2 cup of granola, my brain lite up, what if my body was not processing carbs the right way anymore??? What is this was my issue???

Well after reading up on it, it could very well be the problem so NO CARBS HERE I COME!

Here is a summary of 7 days of no carbs, are you ready??

DAY 1 Wednesday 10/09…Wow I can eat eggs, cheese, peanut butter, bacon…This is gonna be awesome! 2 1/2 hours of classes, 2 hour personal workout, feel great!

DAY 2 Thursday 10/10…Wait I normally don’t eat that stuff, my brain just won’t go there..eggs and veggies that is all! 3 hours of classes, 2 hour personal workout, wow I’m tired and a bit dizzy! But on a good note, my insides feel so much better!

DAY 3 Friday 10/11…So I ate is eggs, veggies, grilled chicken and salads and got into a jar of coconut/peanut spread, that was awesome but I do miss my fruits! 2 1/2 hours of classes, 1 hour personal workout, WOW I FEEL LIKE SHIT! where did all my energy go???? Why am i so f**** sore???

DAY 4 Saturday 10/12…Still eating the SAME FREAKING THING…OMG SOMEBODY SHOOT ME…1 1/2 hour of classes, no personal workout…Are you kidding me?? I can’t move, think, walk, talk or anything else…And now start the headaches and nausea, AWESOME.

DAY 5 Sunday 10/13…Sunday fun day, not! Dizzy, headaches, light headed, tired beyond tired! Same food, different day! I would kill for an apple right now ( I love apples by the way) or I would just kill somebody because I feel like it!!!!

DAY 6 Monday 10/14…I really need to go grocery shopping! and I need to eat FATS LIKE NOW! I did have 30 grams of carbs that day for breakfast just because I was gonna die (not literally but my mind sure felt like it lol) 2 hours of classes, 2 hours of personal workout. Still tired, headaches and this nausea is killing me, probably the worst day EVER!

DAY 6 Tuesday 10/15…Am I really still doing this?????????????? WHY????? Well I could be stubborn sometimes and my 2 weeks is not up yet so yes! Same foods, same symptoms…when it this gonna get better??? At least my symptoms have been completely eliminated so that is a big plus! 2 hours of classes, 2 hour personal workout! That high intensity class just about killed me when I almost passed out 3 times!

DAY 7 Wednesday 10/16 …Another worst day ever lol! But the added fats really helped especially after I had that divine  hummus! 2 1/2 hours of classes,  2 hour personal workout (yeah that was too much)…Feel like shit and I can’t wait for this to be over!

I am writing this on Thursday and so far so good, I feel a little better today and my body seems to be adjusting itself (It’s about time…) to being in ketosis read about it here.

On the positive side:

  • My digestion issues have stopped so I am on to something there
  • I have lost inches in my waist and belly (yeah)
  • My body looks leaner
  • I only have one more week!

Summary of all this:

  • I would not recommend this to anybody especially if you want to lose weight because you will lose but gain it all back after the carbs return to your diet
  • I am only doing this to make myself feel better!
  • There are benefits of using fats for fuel instead of carbs when you are looking to improve your fitness level and your body image read here 

I will write about it again when this it over and we will see where we stand!

Please, please consult a physician before putting yourself in restrictive diets and exercise.

Have a great day!

Ciao for now!

20 minutes fat burning, calorie torching interval workout!

Hi guys,

All you need for this workout is a mat and a tabata timer set at 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

All exercise will be done two 20 seconds rounds, the second being a little harder/faster or slower.

This workout is 5 rounds without breaks.

Are you ready??


  • Shuffle side and drop 2 sets: Start on one side of the mat, shuffle low to the other side then drop into high plank. Second set is the set with adding high knees as you get yourself back up!
  • Lateral jump over mat 2 sets: Start on one corner of the mat and jump over it with both feet from left to right. Second set get your knees higher on the jump.
  • Split jump lunges 2 sets: Start on a lunge position and switch your feet with jumping in the middle. Second set, slow it down but get lower with every lunge
  • Inchworm 2 sets: Start standing up, stretch down on the mat walking your hands forward until you get to perfect high plank position. Slowly get yourself back up and repeat. Second set add a push-up at the bottom of the exercise.


  • Squat jumps 2 sets: Squat down and jump up keeping your abs tight, shoulders back and weight on your heels. Second set squat lower and jump higher
  • Reverse lunge to forward lunge set leg 2 sets: Start with a reverse lunge than move that same leg into a forward lunge than back to reverse and so on. Keep your back ans shoulders straight and core tight. Second set, switch legs.
  • Burpees 2 sets: Begin in a standing position, lower yourself to a squat and place hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back into a push-up position, lower your body to a push-up then kick your feet back and stand up. Second set, perform a side plank after the push-up alternating sides with each burpee.
  • Push-ups 2 sets: Make sure to keep your core tight and back straight! Do as many as you can do. Second set is the same


  • Skater hops 2 sets: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees to lower your body 8-10 inches and lean forward until your shoulders are positioned above your knees then start hopping sideways about 2 feet and landing on your right foot, then hop sideways back onto your left foot and repeat for 20 seconds. Second set, get lower and reach down with your hand to touch ground
  • Plank jacks 2 sets: Begin in plank position, with your shoulders over your wrists, your body in one straight line, and your feet together.Jump your legs wide and then back together. Second set, pick up the pace!
  • Mountain climbers 2 sets: Start in high plank position, bring your right knee toward your right elbow and back. Now do the same on the left side. Keep going as fast as you can. Second set, bring the right knee towards the left elbow engaging your core more even more! Now left knee to right elbow.
  • 2 Jumping jacks/ 2 bent over jumping jacks 2 sets : Perform 2 regular jumping jacks then bend over for the next 2 jumping jacks bringing your hands right in front of you instead of overhead. Repeat for second set.


  • 3 low squats then drop into high plank 2 sets: Make sure to get low on your 3 squats. Second set add small jumps to the squats.
  • Plank around your mat 2 sets: Get into high plank and using your whole body, travel right to left. Keep you core engaged and a straight back. Repeat for second set
  • Jump over mat on one leg and low shuffle: Jump forward on one leg from side to side. Once a the top of the mat, jump backwards. Second set get your knees higher.
  • Squats in and out 2 sets:  Jump into low squat position then jump back getting your feet together. Second set, get lower and touch ground with your hands


  • High plank to side plank and hip dips 2 sets: Get yourself from a plank to one side. Once perfectly balanced on the side plank, lower your hips then back up. Second set change sides.
  • Scissor kicks 2 sets: Lying on your back with your shoulders off the mats, raise your legs and perform scissor like leg movements from side to side. Keep your core fully engaged. Second set add a crunch at the top of the movement.
  • High plank to elbow plank: Start in high plank position and bring yourself to your elbows then back to your hands. Keep hip rotation to a minimum. Keep  a straight back, core engaged. Second set the same.
  • Hols V- sit position: Get yourself into a V shape position with your hands to your side, feet of the ground, core engaged, shoulders back and back perfectly straight. Hold for the 20 seconds. Second set, move your arms up and down.


You are done, amazing job!

Ciao for now

Not losing weight???

Hi guys,

Most of the time when you’re having trouble losing weight, it’s not because you aren’t making good food choices but because you are not eating enough calories.

When most people start living a healthy lifestyle to lose weight , they slash their calories and add a large amount of exercise to their routine.

That’s fine, but they usually cut their calories too low….Add in the extra exercise, and  you have an extreme calorie deficit that is working against you!

Not eating enough calories causes many drastic metabolic changes.

Your body is a smart machine and senses the  decrease in dietary energy. Your large calorie deficit might work for a few  weeks, but eventually your body will wake up and sound alarms that it needs to CONSERVE the available energy.

It doesn’t want to just waste away because it needs that energy (fat) to survive.

So, what does your body do when it senses prolonged energy restriction by not eating enough calories??

  • Slows down thyroid productionYour thyroid is responsible for fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism. Your body has the ability to slow down thyroid output in an effort to maintain energy balance.
  • Decreases muscle mass – Muscle is highly calorie intensive to maintain. In a prolonged calorie deficit, it is one of the first things that your body looks to get rid of. Your body needs the fat and wants the fat, and  muscle can and will be spared. It breaks down the muscle tissue and uses it for energy instead of using the fat! (exactly what you don’t want)
  • Lowers testosterone levels – An very important hormone for both men and women, testosterone is  one of many hormones that are affected with severe calorie restriction. Without it, it becomes very hard to maintain muscle tissue and  put on muscle mass.
  • Decreases leptin levels – Leptin is one of the energy regulating hormones. It is  a “hunger” hormone that tells you whether to eat or not. High leptin levels signal that it’s OK to stop eating, while low leptin levels signal to eat more energy. Because of this, leptin levels decrease in calorie restricted environments.
  • Decreases energy levels – There are many physical actions your body takes when you’re not eating enough calories, but there are also some mental ones. Neurotransmitter production becomes limited and it can lead to a lack of motivation. It’s your body’s way of telling you to “slow down” – conserve your energy.

Bottom line, you need to be mindful of your eating habits and get into the mind set of fueling your body for energy.

Not eating enough and exercising like an insane person is not the answer to a healthier you!

Eat with the purpose of fueling yourself in order to get a great workout in and lose all the weight that you want!

Find out here how many calories you need to eat per day!

Ciao for now!

10 minute belly fat incinerator workout!

Hi guys,

You want a strong core because it is good for your posture, balance and stability right???

Liar you just want a 6 pack to show off on the beach don’t you??

Do these 7 moves two times for 5 days and get that strong core you want!

These moves are not easy and you will have to work your way up to them especially if you are new at this stuff but be patient and keep working hard, harder and harder every day!

Pic 1: plank with 1/2 jack 10 reps on each side

Start in a plank position on your elbow. Bring right arm forward in front of you as you take your left leg out to the side. Bring arm back by your side and leg back to middle without putting in down.

Beginner: start with an elbow plank, holding as long as you can then slowly work your way to the arm to the front by itself then the leg by itself until you can finally put it all together (it won’t happen in one day but it will happen, keep working hard)

Pic 2 and 3 : Full body flys 14 reps

Start lying on your back with your arms out like a cross and your legs straight out. Bring your legs up keeping them as straight as possible as your are bringing your and up in front of you towards the ceiling. Bring them back down at the same time as your legs without letting them touch ground, that is 1 rep.

Pic 4: Airplane abs 12 reps

Start in a sitting position with your back flat and bring your feet off the ground while engaging your abs. Bring your arms out to your side and while keeping a straight back rotate your arms side to side as the wings of an airplane.

Pic 5: Side plank with out and in crunches 8 reps each side

Start yourself on an elbow plank. Bring the top knee up and crunch with your elbow and bring the knee back down. Restart the move but bring the knee close to the front of the body and elbow crunch…that is one rep!

Pic 6: Flutter kick crunches 20 reps

Start by crunching yourself up while bringing your straight legs slightly off the ground. Perform 2 flutter kicks (legs up and down) and one crunch…that is one rep!

This one takes time to get used to start by crunches then flutter kicks before you can perform them together.

Pic 7: Knee tuck crunches 20 reps

Start in a V position with abs fully engaged, feet off the ground and elbows on the ground behind you. Bring you knees in towards your chest the push your legs out to the front, that’s one rep.

Pic 8 and 9: Criss cross jack knife crunches 8 reps

Start by extending your whole body on your mat with your arms straight out behind your head. Perform a pick crunch by bringing arms and straight legs up in the air. Bring your legs back down without putting them back on the ground and bend your knees. Perform 1 set of bicycle crunches (right elbow to left knee then left elbow to right knee) then restart.

You may perform those separately at first so you could get used to the movements before bringing it together.

Happy 6 pack!

Ciao for now

Plyo 20 minute workout!

Hi guys,

Today you will be doing an amazing calorie torching plyometric workout using only one set of light weight dumbbells.

Perform a short 3 minute warm up before starting.

Perform these 9 exercises 3 times in a row with no rest between exercises and no rest between sets, it should take you about 20 minutes.

photo 1

Exercise 1 : 10 reps

Pic 1 and 2 : start in a high plank position and one arm at the time, lower yourself to your elbows keeping your abs fully engaged and your back perfectly straight..Bring yourself back up for 1 rep.

Exercise 2: 40 reps

Pics 3 and 4: Mountain climbers, start in a high plank position abs fully engaged, back straight. Bring right knee to right elbow and back then left knee to left elbow for 1 rep.

Exercise 3: 40 reps (ouch)

Pic 5: Start by engaging your abs and lifting your shoulders off the mat. Bring your knees towards your chest with your arms to the side of the body and your back fully straight. Extend the legs straight back out without touching the floor and putting your arms down. That’s one rep…I know 🙂

Exercise 4: 12 reps

Pic 6 and 7 : Start standing up with your legs apart. Crawl down on your arms until reach a full high plank position. Perform a push-up and crawl back up, that’s one rep.

Exercise 5: 12 reps you will need your dumbbells

Pic 8 and 9: Burpees with low squat and bicep curl. Start standing up with your legs close together, squat down and push your legs out in back of you performing a burpee. Bring your legs back in and raise yourself to a low squat. Grab the set of dumbbell and perform 2 biceps curls, that’s one rep.

photo 2

Exercise 6: 20 reps

Pic 1: Tricep dips, find an elevated point in your house and put your hand on it with your legs out slightly bending the knees. Bring yourself down and back up using your triceps muscles (back of your arms), that is 1 rep.

Exercise 7: 16 reps

Pic 2 and 3: Split lunges: Perform low lunges and explosively switch legs while jumping. One leg than the other makes 1 rep.

Exercise 8: 15 reps on one leg and 15 on other leg

Pic 4 and 5: Lay flat on your back. Engage your abs by pressing your spine on the mat and raise one leg straight up in the air while the other is bent at the knee. Bring your hip up and down keeping that leg straight up.

Exercise 9: 10 reps

Pic 6 and 7: squat down to a plie squat (feet out 45 degrees) and perform 3 low jumps. From there, jump out into a burpee than back up to the squat position, that is 1 rep.

Have fun and sweat like crazy!

Ciao for now!

Skinny body, fat mind, true story

Hi guys,


As I sit here finishing my jar of all natural (thank god) almond butter, after a long battle with my own mind to not eat it, I am trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me those days?

Is it because i just came back from vacation? is it because of of our good friends has been diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer? 

I have everything I need in life…A job I love (fitness instructor is very rewarding), a wonderful wife (yep I’ma lesbian shocking lol), a beautiful house, awesome friends…You name it I have it.

So what is missing in my life? What the hell is wrong with me??

Well the older I get, almost 40 yikes, the more I realize that how you grow up shapes up your entire life.

It is definitely not a big revelation but it explains a lot about who I became today and why I struggle. 

I was raised in France by normal parents in a normal house with sorta normal siblings…well as it turns out not so normal as my sister is still attached to my mother’s hip at almost 50 and I haven’t talk to my brother in about 10 years but that is not the story.

We grew up kind of fat…and we never talked about it or any other feelings for that matter!

My father was like…”eat more, what the hell is wrong with you, you only had 14 pieces of chicken??” and always told us that an overweight woman was sign of a great woman…Well thanks dad lol

My sister was overweight and is still struggling to this day to and so is my mother.

As for me, from the outside looking in, I have it all like I said before..not bad looking, nice body and a hot wife!

So why am I complaining, I bet you want to know..well I am not complaining  but more trying to make sense of things in order to help others figure out their shit faster.

When you grow up overweight, you are teased because kids are cruel.

When you grow up overweight, you eat your feelings away because you feel ugly, unworthy and unwanted.

When you grow up overweight, you WILL spend your whole life struggling with the feelings that make you eat.

When you grow up overweight, you WILL BE ADDICTED TO FOOD for probably the rest of your life.

So how do we do this, how do learn from all this stuff, how do we grow?

Let’s back up the story a little so we can make sense of this:

I moved to the USA 14 years ago with big dreams, an extra 10 lbs, 2 suitcases and never a day in the gym.

I already kind of knew that men were not for me but I could not figure out why…Was it because they want you to eat 14 pieces of chicken lol? 

Anyway, this was my first sign of a brewing storm as I had to come to terms of being a lesbian ( and peeps there is no cure, it is not a disease) and all the shit that comes with it…no kids, no marriage, acceptance (big one), self acceptance (even bigger one), discrimination (yes still to this day!) and much more!

After many, many, too many failed relationships I finally met the love of my life and it has been smooth sailing since then, thank god!

But by then, after our first year together, I got so comfortable that I went from a size 4 to a size 12…HORRIFYING! 

I had never really thought about self worth and self love until I hit that point and I realized that:

I was ugly

I was obviously fat

I was a total failure

I was not worth all the love she had for me

I was never really looking at myself in the mirror

Sounds familiar??

Way to feel like shit hein?? I could not figure out what it was but I knew that there was something better out there… 

I began dieting, whatever big farce that was..Monday: No breakfast, lettuce for lunch, no dinner…Tuesday: No breakfast, lettuce for lunch and coffee for dinner…Wednesday: OMG I am gonna kill somebody, fuck that diet I will stay fat, ugly and uncomfortable for the rest of my life but holy molly was that jar of peanut butter good!

What a joke! This was my life for years on top of working 60-80 hours managing a crazy busy restaurant.

Anyway, my totally absent self confidence took a good beating on this one and continued hiding my feelings behind a fat smile, a drink, a cigarette and big XLARGE t-shirt.

I took years for me to figure out what I should be doing to save my own life.

I had wings under my arms, many years of high cholesterol and high blood pressure and a collection of size 12 pants that were on the brink on explosion under the pressure of my fat ass.

So, one day, a miracle happened…I started something (well that has happened before) that I promised myself I would not give up on (again…) until I had reach a goal.

I went and took a zumba class which I fell in love with right away and somehow I never looked back from that point.

I lost the weight, started a healthy lifestyle and became a fitness instructor.

Wow, what a ride it has been…Losing the weight was so liberating, I felt so free, so awesome, so accepted.

But let’s not be fooled people, believe it or not, that is the easy part for us overweight people addicted to food!

The real struggle is first to maintain the weight loss and second to train your mind to think and live like a skinny person.

I am always, or still I should say

  • counting my calories
  • reading the nutrition labels
  • exercising like an insane person that needs to lose 100 pounds

And  I still can’t

  • look at myself in the mirror and say “wow you look good today”
  • focus on anything else that all my 250 flaws
  • see my body as a skinny body as in my mind I still look like I did before I lost the weight.

SAD hein…well NO because every day is a struggle but every day is better than the one before as I learn to deal with the emotions that make me sit in front if the pantry and think that I could eat it all and not even worry about it, I learn to deal with self image by looking at myself and taking pictures of my imperfect body parts to show the whole world…OH NOOOO, I learn to be better and believe in myself by talking to myself up every morning and every night!

I get better by helping others achieve goals, milestones, and much more!

Every day I get stronger, smarter, funnier, sexier, hotter but on days like today I just feel like I can help you deal with all the emotional baggage that comes with being raised overweight.

Have a great day, I feel better already thank you!


Ciao for now!


10 ways to make time for your workout!

Hi guys,


We all know that “I don’t have time” is the first thing we say when it comes to working out!

All we also know that this is the biggest lie ever!

Working out 1 hour per day leaves you with 23 more hours to do stuff…factor in 8 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep that still leave you with 7 hours to spend with your family and friends!

That being said here are some tips on how to find time to work out and how to get rid of that perfectly made up excuse!

1/ Wake up earlier and go workout before your mind figures out what your evil plan is

2/ Make a plan read this and stick to it, write it down and share it with your family so they know when it is YOUR TIME!

3/ Work out at work…get your butt of the chair and walk. run, squat, lunge..anything that you can thing of but STAND UP!

4/ Take a lunch break (away from your desk) and eat healthy foods than go for a walk with your coworkers

5/ Workout with your kids…find a gym with daycare or workout with them! Disconnect with social media and reconnect with real life!

6/ Workout during commercials while watching tv…jumping jacks, high knees, burpees, push-ups…with at least 15 minutes of commercials per show, you can can 30 minutes of exercise while watching your favorite shows!

7/ Workout harder in a shorter amount of time! Start doing High intensity workouts and feel the difference!

8/ Delegate like crazy! You know your spouse can cook and your teenagers can fold laundry and clean their room 🙂

9/ Find a reliable partner that will keep you motivated and accountable when you want to skip it!

10/ Only do what makes you happy…Choose something that appeals to you and that you will want to do!


Ciao for now!




Shout out! Share if you agree…

Hi guys,


Haters will hate but oh well…

I am so sick and tired of people getting on and off of stupid miracle driven diets and always complaining that they are still fat after they cheated on their so called miracle diet 3 times during the first day!

I am tired of people complaining about being fat and STILL eating crap…come on people, the internet if full of educational tools about the importance of healthy eating and more!

I am tired of people saying, oh no i can’t eat healthy…WHY CAN’T YOU?

I am tired of people saying, oh no I can’t exercise, it will kill me…NEWSFLASH, NOT EXERCISING WILL KILL YOU NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

I have been there and i know what it is too feel ugly, fat, to not fit, unworthy and more, trust me on this I know!

Here is what I looked like 4 years ago

fat 1before 2

170 + pounds 5.3″ 35 years old sedentary smoker with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

But let me tell you that I never went on these stupid miracle diets because i somehow knew there had to be a better way to get healthy.

Maybe the fact that I am from Europe helps in comprehending the fact that cheese in a bottle is NOT REAL CHEESE and that food does not grow on supermarkets.

Anyway, losing weight is just like quitting smoking!

You know that being fat is bad for you the same way that you know that smoking is bad for you.

But somehow, you always have an excuse NOT TO STOP either eating CRAP FOOD or smoking.


Because you are addicted to FOOD AND CIGARETTES because of the way that these things are manufactured!


So when I hear somebody tell me that they can cheat on their “SO CALLED DIET” once a week and have a giant hamburger and fries and go back to broccoli and grilled fish the next day, i don’t believe it!

It’s like when you quit smoking…if you allow yourself one cigarette here and there, YOU DID NOT QUIT AND YOU WILL SMOKE ON A REGULAR BASIS AGAIN sooner or later!

It is your mind that overpowers your whole being and the only thing in this world that you want is a cigarette/a bucket of french fries.

So that being said, you will not lose weight for good unless you start a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and start replacing all the crap that you eat with actual FOOD..I know shocking!

So here are some facts for you if you are ready to lose weight and get healthy…and start living your life:

fat scan

  • You did not put all the weight on at once so it will not come off at once
  • You need to start exercising NOW
  • You need to let go of all your excuses NOW
  • Your weight will kill you
  • Your kids will be orphans
  • Your spouse will be widowed or dead with you
  • It will not be easy but you can do it
  • You need to fix your brain
  • Keep your emotions in check and understood
  • Tell people what you think, be honest mostly with yourself
  • Cheat meals will come but not until you are where you want to be
  • Cake, hamburger, shakes, fries, fried stuff is not good for you sorry DON’T EAT IT
  • It is going to be so F***** HARD but so F***** worth it when 
  • It does become easier as you get stronger

This post is not educational in any way, it is not directed at anybody, it is just a shout out to all of you out there…BEING FAT IS NOT HEALTHY, YOU ARE NOT LIVING YOU ARE EXISTING AND PEOPLE ARE NOT DOING YOU A FAVOR BY NOT TELLING YOU THAT YOU ARE FAT.

Get real, eating real food is not that hard or expensive, it is just an excuse!

Here is what I look like now by the way hopefully I can inspire you to lose weight and get healthy…If you need help let me know by commenting on this post!



Ciao for now!