How to improve your balance

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Balance is an essential component of  human movement and movement and is necessary for all activities of daily living.

Balance training should be considered a absolute component of all exercise programming and should be trained early in the exercise program once core function has been established.

Training for Balance

By definition, “balance is the ability to maintain the body’s position over its base of support within stability limits, both statically and dynamically”.

It is important to know that the ability to balance can make the difference between leading an active lifestyle and being sedentary.

In order to truly understand what is meant by balance, we need to consider the  three mechanical principles that relate to alignment and the body: center of gravity, line of gravity and base of support.

Center of Gravity (COG)

Center of gravity (COG) is the point at which the mass of the body is considered to concentrate and where it is balanced on either side in all planes (frontal, sagittal and transverse).

On average, this point is at the level of the second sacral vertebrae, but changes depending on a person’s position in space and whether or not he or she is supporting external weight.

Line of Gravity (LOG)

Gravity acts on the body in a straight line through the COG toward the center of the earth. The line of gravity must fall within the base of support to maintain balance without moving.

Base of Support (BOS)

This is the area beneath the body that is encompassed when one continuous line connects all points of the body that are in contact of the ground.

How do we train balance?

Because the body’s center of mass(COM)  is located within the region of the core, controlling the COM within the BOS is critical to balance training.

Core conditioning and balance training may be viewed as the same, so we can follow the three-stage model for core and balance training.

Balance Stages

Here are some different conditions that cab be changed during stage 2 training and that will lead to safely transitioning to stage 3 training

  • Narrowing BOS (moving the feet closer together)
  • Raising COM (raising arms overhead)
  • Shifting LOG (raising arms unilaterally, leaning, rotating the trunk)
  • Sensory alteration (shifting focal point, looking up and down)
  • Sensory removal (closing eyes)
  • Reducing points of contact (move from two-feet balance to one foot)
  • Add unstable surfaces (BOSU balls, exercise balls)

Introduce each of these challenges separately and gradually increase the exercise difficulty. Always Introduce balance challenges on stable surfaces before moving on to an unstable surface.

Balance Stances

Balance is a key component of all programming and should be trained early in the exercise program once core function is established.

Increasing balance will not only enhance physical performance, but may also contribute to improved psychological and emotional states through the building of self-efficacy.

Stage 1 (core function) exercise examples:

Bird dog:

Front plank

Side plank

Glute bridge

Glute activation lunges

Inverted flyers

Here is a link to a great video that will show you different exercises with stance and difficulty variations for working in stage 2.

Stage 3 exercises examples:

Single leg balance with arm reach

Single leg balance with leg reaches

Forward lunge to balance

Lateral step up to balance

Lateral bound to balance

Make sure that when you are working on your balance skills, you work to challenge your core and glutes but also make sure that you are challenged but SAFE.

Balance is about preventing falls not causing them…

I do not own the rights to the pictures or the video.

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Eat your broccoli

Hi guys,
You parents knew what was up! Remember them telling you to eat your broccoli? 

Well they were right, once again!

These guys are a powerhouse of nutrients, they benefit digestion, cardiovascular system and immune system and also have anti inflammatory properties and may prevent certain cancers!

They are also low in sodium, fat free and low calories!

Nutritional profile:

– high in fiber, vitamin C, B6, A and potassium 

– packed with photochemicals (immune system protector) and antioxidants (cell protectors and cancer preventers)

– also contains magnesium, phosphorus,zinc and iron

Health benefits:

– cancer prevention 

– cholesterol reduction

– detoxification 

– heart health

– eye health

– digestion

– anti-inflammatory 

– originated in Italy in around the sixth century BC

– name comes from broccolo, Italian for the flower on top of the cabbage, the word is derived from Latin brachium meaning branch or arm

– came to France in 1560 and was called Italian asparagus

– Thomas Jefferson loved it and imported it!

– George W bush was not a fan and Barack Obama confessed to loving it

– California produces 90 % of the broccoli grown in the United States 

– the average American only eats 4 lbs a year
Ciao for now, go eat broccolo

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fast and easy homemade turkey burgers 

hi guys,

Homemade is always better then anything processed and available at the store!

You are not the cooking type? You don’t have time?
No problem here is how it’s done!

1/ buy ground turkey (organic is always a better choice 40 oz makes about 10 burgers) fresh cilantro( smallest amount) 2 eggs and blue cheese crumbles (or feta if you do not like blue)

2/ dice up the cilantro and open the turkey

3/  separate the white from the eggs

4/ mix all the ingredients together with the egg whites

5/ make burgers with your hands the size you like 


6/ cook in a pan with coconut oil at medium heat for about 10 minutes or until thoroughly cooked 

7/ freeze the rest if needed

8/ enjoy! 

Ciao for now!

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H.I.I.T 30 minutes max calories burn

hi guys,
Here is a great high intensity interval training workout to burn a max amount of calories 

10 exercises repeated 3 times no rest in between 

Round 1: 40 seconds work 20 seconds rest

Round 2: 30 seconds work 15 seconds rest

Round 3: 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest 
Exercise 1: burpee to 4 mountain climbers 

Exercise 2: push-up to side plank

Exercise 3: skater hops 

Exercise 4: plank drag feet

Exercise 5: 4 high knees to 1 tuck jump

Exercise 6: 4 cross body mountain climbers 2 plank jacks 

Exercise 7: burpee

Exercise 8: jump overs 2 jump lunges

Exercise 9: plank reach

Exercise 10: alternating toe touches

Have fun!

Ciao for now

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Weight loss programs don’t work! Read why…

Hi guys,

Ok it’s not big news that weight loss programs don’t work long term but now we have definite proof after a in depth study published in the Annals of internal medicine

The study featured popular programs like Jenny Craig, weight watchers, Nutrasystem, Medifast and Optifast.

At the end of the 12 month study, the best program was Jenny Craig as participants had lost 4.9% more weight than participants in a non control group.

None of the other programs had more than moderately effective results.

Here is why these programs don’t work:

  • One size does not fit all and what works for one individual may not work for another.
  • Dietary and exercise plans have to be based on personal preferences as if you do not like what you are doing, you will not continue! Choose a plan that works for you and that includes as much of things you like as possible, just healthier versions.
  • Contrary to popular belief that you must first reduce calories and lose weight to achieve a balanced metabolism, it is imperative to set goals of achieving balanced metabolism first in order to control hunger and cravings. Once balanced metabolism is achieved, you can start reducing calories and start losing weight.
  • Research shows that you can only focus on one to three changes at a time. Determine habits that when changed will make other habits easier to change. More sleep, less hunger, fewer craving, more energy and motivation for exercise.

Ciao for now!

Yes you CAN eat healthier!

Hi guys,

Here is a quick tip to help you eat healthier.

Laying out your workout clothes at night for the next morning is a great visual reminder that you have a commitment to your exercise every day!

Do the same thing with your healthy foods, create visual reminders.

For example, leave a beautiful, colorful bowl of fruit on your counter instead of the fridge will help you achieve eating more fruits.

Research identified that healthy eating habits can be boosted simply by using the acronym CAN:

Convenient: Make your healthy foods easy to see, simple to reach and ready to eat

Attractive: Make your healthy foods look enticing by mixing colors, flavors and types

Normal: Make them the obvious choice in your kitchen

Start today and start eating healthier immediately!

Ciao for now!

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Join the event!

Invite your family and friends and let’s start saving ourselves now!

Get up and move!


Christmas workout

Hi guys,

Give yourself a 30 minutes kick butt high intensity workout around xmas time, you will feel good about yourself, burn calories and burst your metabolism into high gear!

5 rounds on 4 different exercises 40 seconds work 20 seconds rest, no rest in between sets.

Work as hard as you can doing as many reps as possible!!

You will need a mat and a set of dumbbells, challenging weight. If you don’t have any, use water bottles, dictionary, pets, kids anything that is heavy enough to challenge you for 40 seconds!

Start by a 3 minutes dynamic warm up including jumping jacks, running in place, high knees, butt kicks…

We are going to alternate cardio and weight training exercises so make sure to have everything ready and close to you!

Give everything you have into every exercise!


  • 2 jumping jacks followed by 2 in and out squats

  • squats with dumbbell shoulder press

4 high knees than plank

  • Alternating back lunges with bicep curls


  • Low back lunges with knee strikes 8 each side alternating

  • 2 reverse flys 2 bent over rows

  • 10 mountain climbers 10 cross body mountain climbers

  • Russian twists 1 dumbbell only!


  • 4 high knees plank with 4 alternating front punches

  • Renegade rows

  • Burpees

  • 1 side lunge 2 front raises alternating sides


  • Plank jacks

  • 2 hammer bicep curls, 1 weighted burpee

  • 4 butt kicks 1 squat tuck jump

  • Floor press


  • Spider-man crunches

  • Heel touches

  • Plank punch right hand then left hand then lift right foot then left foot

  • Hold V sits

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